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8 Mar

Crazy Legal Lessons Part 1

    Must read if buying real estate in Colombia       By: Yut-Mie       Dear Subscribers/ Readers,         In the blog of August 2022, we mentioned that our architects, DOT Arquitectura, who designed cabins and landscaping for our Wellness and Yoga Retreat, informed us that they could not […]

31 Jul

The Design for our Cabins is Ready!

  Dear subscribers, readers   If you read our previous BLOGS you may remember that in Blog 4, we asked you to help us decide on a model for the cabins for New Life Peñol Wellness Retreat. At that time, the models we presented included A-Frame structures, Pine Wood Cabins, and a couple of other […]

4 Jun

The Progress of New Life Peñol Wellness Retreat S.A.S

Dear Subscribers, readers.   In this Blog we will give you a general update about our adventures in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia.   It has been a while, and a lot has happened. And yes, we have some great news to share! Since there is much to write about, we decided to make three separate articles! […]

21 Feb

Designing New Life Peñol

February 2022 Dear subscriber/ reader     In this blog, we want to share our ideas for the design of our guest accommodations at our retreat New Life PEÑOL in El Peñol, Antioquia, Colombia.   First some news about our blogs in general: Podcasts   We added a podcast/narration to our latest Blog for our […]